Wednesday, July 8, 2015

T-34 m.1940 2.Kompanie/Panzer-Abteilung z.b.V.66 with Pz I F/ Pz II J tracks.

This is my current project that I finally able to start painting after more than 1 year of waiting for different components and assembly. 

This model is based on several pictures of a very special variant of T-34 that was modified by German army due to the unknown reasons. For evidence you can visit this page.

I used Dragon kit, Aber PE, 3D printed drive sprocket designed by Alexander Volgin and workable tracks from Trumpeter. Tools, tool clamps are from left-overs of other kits. Tool box and jerry can holders are a combination of old Real model set and scratch. Headlights - Elf. Welds - green stuff putty. 

 The sprockets are primed with Tamiya flat red.

And first layer of paint...


  1. Hi Roman, is truly a masterpiece, this T 34. Well finished and clean construction, as you do yourself. Now I look painting, and be downloading 'all pictures. The red wheel is fantastic.Compliments. This is what I wrote about ML.

    1. thank you, Loris. I was away and couldn't reply earlier.