Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Panzer IV Ausf F2 DAK, close to paint stage.

I am nearly finished with the assembly and hope to start painting this week. Racks were scratched according to reference images of tanks from the same unit. Jerry cans are from Bronco, water cans are PlusModel. Green tarps are rolled putty - you can see leftovers of talc on the model. 


  1. Hi Roman, compliments are very good.

  2. Hi roman,youve done a great job here,i am very curious to know the reason for using the Tamiya parts for the running gear,are they better or have the dragon kit just got to many parts,i have lots of dragon Pnz 4 kits and the wheel sections really put me off!

    1. where do you see Tamiya parts?

      these are AFV club workable boogies ;)