Tuesday, November 18, 2014

On my bench, November 2014.

I started painting Pz Bef Wg III Ausf J and it will be the very last command tank at Danzig, 1945. Detail was adjusted according to reference picture so will be the paintwork. Metal tracks are MasterClub late Pz III/IV tracks with solid guide horn.

Also I finished my M3A3 with Pak40, Decided to do a bit extraordinary finish (for me) and here we are aside Marder IID. More pictures will be posted as "portfolio" post. 

What are you building/painting?


  1. Outstanding work again! Love the conversion of the M4 - top notch!
    Atm, on my bench - a StuG III from Bandai 1/48 scale this kit is as old as me!
    Then an T34/85 (Hobby Boss) with mesh wire armour!
    ...and many other kits like the SdKfz 7 from Wespe Models and an Grille (Kombination out of the Tamiya Marder and an Gasoline Conversion Kit.... and so on, there are many more - as always!

  2. Nice tones indeed. Which color is it? Mix?

    1. thanks, Sancar. Do you mean Pz III or a different model?