Saturday, August 2, 2014

T-34-76 factory 183

Seems like I am into T-34 topic this year. Another one is on my bench and it based on a well-known Bundesarchive image.

The kit is from AFV club and I added various photo-etched bits here and there, Masterclub metal track links, resin exhausts from Celticwerks and tarp from Greenstuff putty. 

The plan is to have it on a base with a figure but without Tiger I tank towing it, therefore I cut the cables ;)

I used multi-layered chipping technique and enamel weathering for the battered look. 

Same approach on the hull and tarp was painted with acrylics.

Next step is snow and wet effects and now it is a matter of adding effects here and there and incorporate the model into groundwork. 

What is on your bench now?


  1. В очередной раз отличная работа, Роман! Снег из соды?
    А я сейчас в плотную приблизился к покраске БМП-3 (!!наконец!!) и ковыряю Nissan 300ZX. Из Ниссана хочу сделать авто "третьего хозяина" тинейджера; бампер в изоленте, местами мятый и грунтованный кузов, и обязательно графити Iron Maiden.

    1. Спасибо, снег - средство Shoveled snow от Deluxe materials посаженное на сатиновый лак.

      Ниссан - отличная идея!

  2. Great !
    How do you make the snow?


    1. Thanks, it is Shoveled snow from Deluxe materials!

  3. Very good work Roman. I liked wheathering..

  4. WOW, amazing work you show on your Blog!
    I more or less accidently found it because I´m searching for an Zrinyi in 1/48 (didn´t found one so far). Maybe you can help me - or maybe we can come into contact.
    I enjoy your style - and your level of detail.
    So far - keep up your mood and greetings from Austria

    1. Thank you, Stefan. Feel free to contact me here or elsewhere :)

      I don't think there is anything on the Hungarian armour in 1:48 scale. The 1:35 kit is very good though. I've also seen 1:72 from Hunor but it is not of high quality.