Thursday, July 17, 2014

Portfolio: T-34-85

This is a T-34-85 tank inspired by photographs of Kommandoverband "Jaguar" - German unit that was using Soviet equipment and Soviet uniforms for undercover operations behind the front line.

Here I used kit from AFV club with parts of the turret from Dragon. Resin from PanzerArt (fuel drums and road wheels), PE from ET and Aber (various small bits), brass wire, green stuff putty. The figure is from Stalingrad miniatures  and was painted by my friend Kyle Nelson. Hope you like it and feel free to post comments/questions. 


  1. Роман, работа удалась. Поздравляю с окончанием!

  2. У меня всегда возникает необъяснимый восторг при просмотре нестандартной, не "заезженого" исполнения модели.