Sunday, June 22, 2014

GAZ AAA in July issue of MMI

Here is a MiniArt kit that I put into civil service, somewhere in 1950-ies. Full story is in the current issue of MMI.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Flakvierling with Steyr, almost there.

On a Steyr I did a different paint job - 3 tone camo with whitewash chipped thanks to Vallejo chipping medium.

And when put together you see a difference between a dirty Steyr and relatively clean Flakvierling that is being relocated to another position.
The figure is my 1st experience in painting with acrylics and I am pretty happy with it, just need to work on the face a bit. This is excellent MG gunner from Cast48 in case you are interested.

Besides that I bought a KV-1 heavy cast turret kit from Tumpeter that I am going to finish similar to what is shown on their boxart as it is based on a known photograph from Kalinin Front. So far I did basic assembly and metal tracks from Masterclub. Waiting for PE sets to arrive and need to finish other projects as well :)