Thursday, April 17, 2014

Goodies from Moson.

As many of you aware, Moson is not only a modelling competition but also a huge modelling fair. There was a separate building filled up with all possible brands from Eastern Europe, including those you don't hear much. I got some items for my future projects, including some of those that are not available for online orders yet.

Great book from Slovakia about Slovakian uprising that includes a lot of images of Slovakian tanks - 35t and 38t, wheels from PanzerArt for my T-34-85, Hungarian armour upgrades from SBS models, snow texture from Wilder, metallic powder from Uschi, t-shirt and latest acrylics from AMMO.

Some of these would be reviewed at, while some will be used on my models.
The barrel for Toldi I will be soon available for online order from SBS models and I can only say that this is a fantastic replication of the original thing. Have a look here!

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