Friday, September 27, 2013

How to take images of models?

I've been asked about that twice recently, and although I do not consider myself a good "photographer" I made a short description of how I take images.

I have using 2 Whatman paper sheets on sides and 1 background sheet from art store . 40cm from Whatman I have these kind of lights, 1 on each side with 400w bulbs in them.

The top of the "photobox" is open and  I have another piece of Whatman that I hold in hands and reflect light on the running gear  or top of the model - this way you have no dark areas between wheels, etc. Of course this is DIY set up and you can have pro lights and pro photo box together with pro reflectors, but I don't have budget to go for that. 

On the camera I have f/22, 2 seconds exposure time and 2 second delay from the time I press the button and the camera shoots to eliminate shaking, etc. (Update 2014 - I changed f to/14 and images look sharper from now on) Of course I use a tripod. I take images in raw format and then process them in Adobe Lightroom (any software is fine, but Lightroom is good when applying same setup to a set of images). Here I adjust the white balance, crop images and finally export a copy of original as jpeg with extra sharpening. 
It takes time to improve and get to the quality like this, but it is worth spending time as we all are interested in presenting our models the best way on the web. 

Hope that helps others. Let me know if you have further questions. 

ps. Churchill NA75 finished, more images soon.