Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tortoise coming near new!

Apart from Churchill tank I started to work on another British monster - A39 Tortoise. This would be an article for MMI in due time and overall it is a nice kit from Meng Model. I think it is the biggest model I worked on so far!

Here I will again use help of my friend - Robert Nemet to paint some nice Hornet figures. More info later! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New publication, awards arrived.

This month my Zrinyi can be seen on the cover of  Modelář. The magazine features 7-page article. 

I also received awards for my Staghound Mk. I in 1/48 from annual competition. One gold from the expert jury and another one from visitors. Cool!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On my bench, August.

Summer is almost over and somehow I end up with several projects in the pipe that are in different stages of work.

Fist of all, I decided to make a base for my ADGZ and that would include bridge, river and other groundwork;) So far I did a test of AK-interactive fuel stains on the wooden bridge from RB model and it looks very nice!

Next I am proceeding with vignette base for GAZ MMM and here I used MiniArt's cobblestone street which was painted with acrylics and oils. Hope to finish that scene in August.

The August issue of MMI arrived, and I really liked the layout and design of my "Flak 'em back" article.

As for kits building I started Inside the armour's Ultimate Churchill NA75 kit. It includes AFV club parts, AFV club workable tracks and also resin turret, resin idlers, extra PE and decals!

Finally, I would like to show you some figure work that Kyle Nelson is doing for me. This is first of the many Stalingrad figures we are going to put together on dioramas\vignettes and I am really impressed by Kyle's skills!