Sunday, May 5, 2013

On my bench, May 2013.

Apart from the fact that I need to finish a little base for my Opel I am done with construction of two models!

Panhard railcar, that I started a month ago is ready to paint. I scratched the visor ports on the turret and front tow hackles. Also some bolt detail was added here and there.

Note that I drilled out space for lights. Haven't seen that on other models done...

Second project that is ready to paint (I finished it in 4 evenings) is a GAZ MM truck from MiniArt. The build was a bit challenging as a lot of tiny parts required clean-up and were therefore broken... Nevertheless I will do smth interesting with it;)

What's on your bench now? 


  1. M-72 with 82-mm mortar from Zvezda :)

  2. Excellent work Roman!
    I love both models! The Panhard will be great to paint, I bet!
    Keep going!

  3. Nice models Roman! Looking forward to seeing them all painted up! :)