Wednesday, February 6, 2013

On my bench, February.

Ok, winter is almost over and I am done with my winter Flakpanzer I. It was a fun build and I will post more images later.

The Marder IID is progressing nicely and I finished weathering the interior. Next would be the assembly of fighting compartment and finally the gun. So far I enjoy this model 100% and I can only recommend it for fans of German WWII armour. 

Finally, another kit arrived to my bench - ADGZ from AMG of Ukraine. What a weird armoured car! I have some progress on it but it is not that tempting as Marder. 


  1. That is a really weird model, Roman! :) But it'll be fun to paint!
    Keep going!
    I love your Flakpanzer! Definitely!!! :)

  2. Hi Bizarre,
    Great winter paint,
    have you another pictures of the Flakpanzer 1


    1. thank you, more images during the weekend. I need to select them.