Friday, February 1, 2013

New awards - DiShow2012 and another publication.

Each year the biggest and most famous Russian language modelling website holds it's annual competition and this year is not an exception. So far only the visitors votes are finished and the Jury would make thier choice later in February or March.
Nevertheless, I got 2 awards from visitors in 1/48 scale.

1st place for Staghound Mk.I
2nd place for Crusader Mk.III

Both models can be found in my blog by clicking on this post labels (tags).

As for the publication - my Staghound AA is featured in 2nd issue of M-Hobby, the only Russian-language magazine for modellers.

Otherwise I started building the excellent Marder IID from Bronco. Looks cute so far.


  1. Hello
    congratulation Bizarre for your price
    It's great, happy for you
    I also send you my blog address, be gentle with me ..
    I'm not a great modeler

    My blog address

    see you soon

    1. thanks, Jean-Charles. I added your blog to my reading list.