Thursday, January 10, 2013

Showtime..Bison II

One of my favorite models and definitely one of the most successful in 2012.

1st place at Art in Miniature, 1/35 Axis models.
1st place at C4-OPEN, 1/35 Axis models.
1st place at Dragon Model of the Month (November 2012) virtual  competition.

Published in Military Modelcraft International (September 2012, issue sold out) and M-hobby (#8).

Since the English language magazine is sold out I decided to write a little bit about the model.

If you are interested in history of that weird monster - read here.

I used DML kit with Griffon model ammo racks, shell containers and spent shells from Grille set as well as Alliance Model Works PE tool clamps and RB model antenna. In addition, MP40's got PE slings and fire extinguishers - decals (both from AMW). The radio racks were scratched beacuse the sprue was lacking in the kit. Wiring  - brass wire 0,3mm. Of course even with that it is not a 100% accurate model, which was to difficult to achieve due to problems of the plastic kit.

For painting I used acrylics and hairspray method. Weathering was done with Citadel ink washes, artist oils and pigments. 


  1. One of my favorites. The last photo is so great, from the weathering on the tracks, to the grime streaks coming from the hatch... I really like it!

  2. Everything is perfect here, Roman! Perfect job! Perfect build, painting and weathering! WOW!!! :)

    1. Never say perfect about a model, Alex :) Especially when it comes to build phase...

      Thanks for commenting:)

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    1. did you use copy paste for comments? :) thanks, mate!