Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On my bench, November.

This week I decided to start a new kit - Flakpanzer I from Dragon with huge Lion Roar PE set and Alliance Model Works correct metal barrel. I also took some bits from Tristar to fill in the engine compartment. As you may notice there are some gaps after installation of PE fenders and this is basically because the plastic variant was much thicker. But no worries, I will fix that later on :)

Another model that I decided to finish is StuG III Ausf. G initial. It was sitting in the box from last year review build but now I finally can work on it a bit. Here the tricky thing is to make fenders appropriate for that version and I mix 2 sets from Voyager - for Ausf G. and for Ausf. F8. Soldering...soldering..soldering... let's see how it will turn out at the end.

And for dessert - 2 pictures of my latest finished model - 1/48 Bronco Staghound Mk.I with 60 lbs rockets.  Thanks to Ron Volstad for reference material and to Nicholas Perry for providing the jeep backrest part. 

Small, but dangerous :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Staghound AA in Czech magazine!

The new issue of Czech magazine Modelář is out and my white-washed Staghound AA is featured on 4 pages. Thanks to Jindřich Štěrbáček for doing an excellent job!

Here is the cover

And here is a page preview. Looking forward to reading it.