Thursday, September 27, 2012

Crusader III final images.

This model was done withing the Tamiya group build at 1/48 discussion group.  I started it before the vacation and the assembly was finished within 2 hours :) Then it took some time to paint it and weather appropriately and then I changed the light set-up. Now I am happy with images I got and would like to share the results with visitors of my blog. 

I would like to thank Josh Emery for help with the kit, Mike Starmer for explanation of disruptive scheme and proper colours and quarterscale fellows from
ps. the woodgrain is a decal from Alex, better known as Uschi van der Rosten.


  1. Perfect work ! Your chipping is fine and I love it! Great pictures as well! Will there be any diorama?

    1. Alex, thanks a lot. I do chipping on 1/48 models with a sponge - it gives random pattern and realistic size.
      As for the diorama - no, I don't think so. Don't have room for them and I think this is something that requires much more skill then I have.