Friday, June 8, 2012

On my bench, June 2012.

Well, no summer in Bergen, so not much motivation to do models, but I have some stuff around.

Staghound AA in 48th scale is finished, I will post some final images later.

Staghound Mk.I arrived a week ago and I started building it for Armorama (a full build review will follow).

Briefly - it is an excellent little kit, but you need to do weld seams on the hull and on the Mk.I turret as well. I really like the idea of having all my Staghounds in Canadian markings, so I will finish that one as Mk.I with rockets :)

As for more or less finished stuff - I am continuing work on L4500R. The build is finished and paintwork started. That one would be a post war truck in civil use.  Here is where I am now - the chipping was done with a combination of Hairpray and Salt methods.

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