Monday, June 18, 2012

Bison II will appear in Septembers issue of MMI!

MMI just posted the content page of August issue, note the announcement of Bison II feature that will be out   in Septemeber. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

On my bench, June 2012.

Well, no summer in Bergen, so not much motivation to do models, but I have some stuff around.

Staghound AA in 48th scale is finished, I will post some final images later.

Staghound Mk.I arrived a week ago and I started building it for Armorama (a full build review will follow).

Briefly - it is an excellent little kit, but you need to do weld seams on the hull and on the Mk.I turret as well. I really like the idea of having all my Staghounds in Canadian markings, so I will finish that one as Mk.I with rockets :)

As for more or less finished stuff - I am continuing work on L4500R. The build is finished and paintwork started. That one would be a post war truck in civil use.  Here is where I am now - the chipping was done with a combination of Hairpray and Salt methods.