Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2nd place in DiShow 2011 according to the judges!

I am very happy to know that my Staghound was awarded 2nd place by judges in the prestigeous contest Dishow in 1/48 scale armour category!

Here is what they say:

Judge #1. This model has the most interesting paintwork in the category with a lot of streaking, chipping but these techniques were used wisely without turning a model into contrast traffic light. The weak sides of this model are - optics and vision ports, mirrors.
Judge #2. Fantastic model for 1/48 scale but if the author would have added PE clamps and other small elements it would be even better.
Judge #3. Even though it is a pure OOB model the painting and weathering look very organic. It just pleasant to look on it.

You can find images of this model by clicking on the tags or by checking "popular posts" on the right bottom of the page. And as soon as the medals arrive (gold according to visitors and silver according to judges) I will take a picture of the model with them :)

Happy modelling!

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