Monday, February 27, 2012

What's on your bench?

I had a birthday last week and my wife bought me a Me 509 kit in 1/48 from Trumpy! What a surprise! She said that she liked the flying bomb a lot, and now she wants to me build an aircraft! In 2 words it is a very nice kit and I am waiting for some aftermarket stuff (exhaust, MG barrels) before I can work on it. But in principle it can be build withing a single weekend.

(image is from website)

Another kit that I got today is a Dragon's Bison II! Will start building it while I am painting the Sd.Kfz. 6. Since both of the vehicles belong to DAK I will try to do smth to make them look different. 

So, what's on your bench, friends? 


  1. Very cool! A late happy birthday, too! You're gonna be a busy guy... =)

    I'm working on Zvezda's new T-90 kit. I'm wrestling with inserting small LED lights into the "Shtora" infra-red defense systems. It's a great little kit, if you want to do a modern kit.

    Happy Modeling!

    1. thanks, Kyle!

      T-90 looks like an interesting project. Do you use AM products for it?

    2. I am waiting for a metal barrel from RB Model to show up in the mail, but otherwise there isn't anything else I want to add. I'll probably throw a figure or two on later, though.

      How does that Bison kit look? I'll bet there are 5 kits' worth of parts in that box!

    3. Well...similar to recent Dragon kits - 400+ parts for the vehicle and 200 magic tracks :))) What is really rediculous is that they included PE clamps for 1 tool but not for the others :)