Monday, January 30, 2012

WH40K models

These were bought just for fun and I finished them using different techniques.

Chaos Marine Rhino APC was done without colour modulation. The base coat was gloss black (!) and now it is only seen on the figure. The overall appearance of the vehicle was achieved by oil filters and enamel weathering. It also has a lot of small picky details like torn heads, skulls, etc. :) Small elements were painted with Vallejo.

Predator tank was done with preshading and following colour modulation. Weathering was done with pigments, citadel washes and citadel grass.

Rhino was done during summer 2011 while Predator was finished in August 2010 and I got a gold medal at Norwegian IPMS 2011 show (Skala 2011)!

What do you think of WH40K models?


  1. Fantastic work, Roman!
    I used to be a die-hard Warhammer nut, so this really caught my eye. The Predator is especially nice; red is a hard color to paint!

    1. thanks, Kyle. I am not a fan, just wanted somenthing different form military :)

  2. Я тоже увлекаюсь Вархаммером, даже есть в планах собрать армию для настольной игры)
    Танки хороши.

    1. спасибо! Настольная игра меня как-то не интересует. Времени нет для такого :)