Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fieseler Fi 103 Reichenberg IV

Here is my current WIP. German piloted kamikadze rocket:)

I took this kit at Azimut store for 10 euro (a bargain!) and built it in 2 hours with the help of Vallejo putty.

I decided to depict a rocket captured by Brits and shown at box art.

Base color is Tamiya OD

Next was masking, mixing the light blue and making crazy camo pattern :)

The next day I did a wash, transfered decals, painted the nose of the rocket and glued the cockpit.
The trailer got extra treatment - after OD it was sprayed with hairspray, then Sand Yellow and after everything was dry - I removed yellow with water and an old brush. To pronounce the chipping even more I added red-brown-black paint chips and finally added some pigments on the tires.

Fun model! 

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